Bramble and Maggie

Bramble and Maggie: Horse Meets Girl
By Jessie Haas
Illustrated by Alison Friend

Bramble is a horse planning her exit from a life giving riding lessons. Maggie is a girl actively seeking a horse to call her own. When the two meet, Maggie’s parents consent surprisingly quickly. To get Bramble to feel comfortable in her new home, Maggie has some work to do.

Maggie is such a lovely character: humble, empathetic, respectful, kind, and curious. Her patience and delight with Bramble is a good model for anyone who takes an animal into their home.

I’m not a horse person, but this story seems to have captured quite well the relationship between a child and her horse. This is the first book in a short series of early reader chapter books, and the high quality holds throughout.

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