Yours Sincerely, Giraffe

Yours Sincerely, Giraffe
By Megumi Iwasa, Illustrations by Jun Takabatake

A bored giraffe hanging out in Africa convinces an equally bored pelican to deliver a letter to “you, whoever you are, who lives on the other side of the horizon”. A pen pal relationship unfolds in an unpredictable way between (on the Africa side) the giraffe and pelican and (on the Antarctica side) a penguin, his whale professor, and a seal.

I really love how much Penguin and Giraffe are trying to understand each other. They do their best to create pictures for each other using only words. And the giraffe really puts his body on the line trying to recreate the characteristics of a penguin. A heart-warming cross-cultural relationship.

These animals are so philosophical! What is the nature of looking? How can a bucket help us explore the persistence of color? What is a neck, and what does it look like to not have one? A short tale that can spur children to deep thinking.

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