Amos and Boris

Amos and Boris
By William Steig

Amos, an adventurous mouse, sails out to sea only to be washed overboard while napping. When he is rescued by Boris the whale, the two become lifelong friends. When Boris returns Amos to shore, they hope yet doubt they will see each other again. Years later, Boris finds himself in need of rescue. Fortunately, Amos is there and ready to help his dear friend.

Amos and Boris are both models of openness, generosity, and kindness. Boris is on his way to a conference in Ivory Coast, but he makes an unplanned detour to rescue a mouse. Later, Amos is delighted to be reunited with his friend, but immediately enlists help to send Boris back home.

Two unnamed characters make a cameo at the end. I think that is my favorite part of the book.

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