Parker Looks Up

Parker Looks Up
By Parker Curry & Jessica Curry
Illustrated by Brittany Jackson

Parker Curry, along with her sister and best friend (and their moms), spend a rainy day in the museum. Just as they are getting ready to leave, Parker sees an extraordinary portrait of a woman who looks real and magical all at the same time. As she beholds the painting of Michelle Obama, Parker gasps, “She is a queen!”

It is possible to be entranced by several pages of a small girl looking at a painting. Mirrors and windows, hopes and dreams – all come to life as the story shares the importance to a young Black child of seeing a portrait of a regal-looking, accomplished Black woman.

It’s hard to describe how magical this book is, without seeing it. I love that these small children love visiting an art museum almost as much as dance class. The illustrations do an amazing job of depicting each painting through the children’s’ eyes.

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