Prietita and the Ghost Woman/Prietita y La Llorona

Prietita and the Ghost Woman/Prietita y La Llorona
Story by Gloria Anzaldúa
Pictures by Christina Gonzalez

When her mother falls ill, Prietita braves darkness, wilderness, and trespassing to find the right curative herb. She is brave about all of these things, but she is most afraid from scary stories she has heard about La Llorona, the Ghost Woman. Successful completion of her task involves learning that perhaps there is another side of the story.

Prietita is truly a curandera in training. She is dedicated and committed to her quest, while remaining calm, curious, and considerate of the animals she encounters. Upon meeting La Llorona, she is mature, respectful, and full of gratitude.

Written in English and Spanish, this book deeply creates a sense of place. Prietita’s adventures bring her into contact with a variety of wildlife and local plant life. The illustrations – though stylized and artistic – along with the prose truly provide the feeling of being in an ecosystem on a dark ranch.

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