Clark the Shark

Clark the Shark
Written by Bruce Hale
Illustrated by Guy Francis

Clark the Shark is that kid in school who is so enthusiastic about everything, he gets a little too carried away. His energy and lack of boundaries start to get in the way of his friendships. His teacher advises, “Stay cool”, but it takes him a few tries to put it into action. When Clark finally finds a way to contain himself, he is ready to help a new, equally energetic classmate.

Any kid like Clark the Shark needs a patient teacher like Mrs. Inkydink to help him find balance. When Clark meets his match in Sid the Squid, it’s good for both of them to have an outlet for their energy, so they can go back to “playing it cool” with their other friends.

This book is such a joy, because Clark is unbelievably cheerful and loves his life. His toothy grin sparkles on every page.


Story by Patrick McDonnell
Art by Naoko Stoop

Little Hoshi has a contentment problem. Although her home in the sea is beautiful and dynamic, she pines for a glamorous home in the sky with the “real” stars. She learns a gentle lesson from an anglerfish.

For children and adults, it can be easy to ignore the wonder of our real lives, while we imagine how much better our life could be under some other circumstance. If we are fortunate like Hoshi, we have friends who are patient enough to model peace and contentment.

The art by Naoko Stoop is simply lovely. The story is not subtle, and while Hoshi is whiny, she is adorable.

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